Group Training Classes:
Basic Class
This 5 week class is for new puppies, new adoptions and any other dogs that need some basic manners. This class will cover a wide range of topics from potty training, crate training, chewing and jumping. Obedience training will include basic training with verbal and hand signals plus handling skills. Safety skills like recall, leash walking, stay and leave-ti will be emphasized.
Class Dates:
May 21st – June 18th: 7:15pm Tuesday Nights
July 9th – August 6th: 7:15pm Tuesday Nights
July 10th – August 7th: 6pm Wednesday Nights
$115 for full 5 week session
Intermediate Class
This 4 week intermediate class is designed for dogs who have already completed the basic obedience class. This class will build  off of the basic commands and take those to the next level. Skills that will be covered include: sitting politely for petting, accepting a friendly stranger, walking in a heel through a crowd, cafe down, and the finish command.
Class Dates:
May 21st – June 11th: 6pm Tuesday Nights
May 29th – June 19th: 7:15pm Wednesday Nights
July 9th – July 30th: 6pm Tuesday Nights
July 10th – July 31st: 7:15pm Wednesday Nights
$95 for full 4 week session
For more information or if you have questions please contact Siri Zakaras at

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